VanDusen Sour [Gin]

VanDusen Sour [Gin]

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The VanDusen Sour celebrates Vancouver's iconic VanDusen Botanical Gardens. Named after local lumberman and philanthropist Whitman Julian VanDusen, this public garden was built in the 1970's on part of the old Shaughnessy Golf Course.

This delicious cocktail is made with Vancouver-based Odd Society Wallflower Gin, and is a bouquet of rich floral flavours balanced with lemon and grapefruit. We selected the Dogwood Flower for garnish as it's British Columbia's official flower.

Wallflower Gin showcases intense notes of rose, elderflower and lavender as well as subtle undertones of cranberry, juniper and orange peel which work perfectly with our mix.

Small size makes 4 cocktails; Regular size makes 7-8 cocktails

Kit Includes:

  • VanDusen Mix (chamomile, elderflower, blue butterfly pea flower syrup, lemon, grapefruit bitters)  - THIS MUST BE REFRIGERATED!
  • 1 x 375ml Odd Society Wallflower Gin - $23.06 including LST & Bottle Deposit
  • 1 x 30ml bottle of Ms. Betters Miraculous Vegan Foamer (makes 40+ cocktails)
  • Garnish (Edible Dogwood Bouquet Wafer + clothes pins)
  • Instructions Card