Our Story

Every time a friend's birthday is around the corner, I get a notification from my calendar exactly 6 days in advance reminding me to get my act together and start the hunt for gifts. The older I get, the harder it seems like to find the perfect gift, let alone a thoughtful one. 

This year has been exceptionally difficult. The thought of even going out haunts me but buying from a big store box just feels so impersonal. There are not that many options for on-demand gifts online - you're either looking at traditional looking flower bouquets, expensive fruit arrangements, or gift baskets with zero personality. Not what I'm looking for.

Since I'm spending more time online, I've become obsessed with discovering local gems and small businesses and appreciating the passions and skills put out by these vendors.

Wanderclose was created to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to shop for thoughtful gifts. Whether you're halfway across the globe or quarantining at home, finding meaningful gifts and getting them delivered to the people you care about should be easy and dare I say, inspiring.