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Irene has always been a dreamer, chasing after her "ikigai" (reason for being), to find something to fall so passionately in love with that she'd never want to stop doing it. She is an award winning events calligrapher and stationer based in Vancouver, BC. Recently named as one of the most creative stationers in British Columbia by Real Weddings, she gets her inspiration by pushing boundaries when it comes to innovative design.

She enjoys modern calligraphy as it's given her 'ikigai" (reason for being) and a break free from traditional restrictions. It has allowed her to put rawness, full of emotions, into her work and you can really see it in her work! Everything she designs, captures ALL THE FEELS so that when you see it, it will bring you memories, excitement, and most of all, love.

Her work has been featured in publications such as WedLuxe Magazine, Real Weddings Canada, and Grey Likes Weddings to name a few. She also collaborated and worked with well known international brands such as Prada, Sephora, Hudsons Bay, Tommy Hilfiger, Beauty Boutique and L'Oreal Luxe.

When she is not busy trying to turn everything to gold (foiling lol), she can be found experimenting with new mediums, reading a book (with a hot cup of tea), or chasing after one of her three kids.

We're so excited to have Irene's work on Wanderclose! You can also to calligraph by getting her starter kit and watching her on-demand workshop.

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