Cartems Donuts

Cartems is about three key things: smiles, conversation, and donuts.

Jordan started this company with a good friend of his, Rags, and with the help of a few others along the way. Cartems was literally born out of a dream he had 10 years ago. He went to bed one night and woke up with a vision of opening an amazing donut shop, even going so far as foreseeing its name– ‘Cartems’. The word Cartems doesn’t mean anything but it means a whole lot to their small team!

They pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients, and their donuts are never ever frozen. They source ingredients from as close to home as possible, and organic wherever they can. At Cartems, their goal is simply to make the best donuts possible. They know that takes a little longer to make, and the ingredients may cost a bit more, but it really shows in the final product! That's why they're the best in town.

Bring smiles with Cartems:

Don't forget to add the Smoked Maple Candle to your order!

The turnaround time for Cartems is 2 days. The donuts will be picked up from their shop in Vancouver, BC.