Why We Built Wanderclose

We think small business owners are badasses. They turn their passion into a real business against all odds. Anyone can start a business but sustaining (and growing!) it is a huge challenge that is not discussed often enough. As small business ourselves, we know how crucial it is to be discovered by the right audience, at the right time. 

This is why we built Wanderclose. Wanderclose makes it easy to discover and order from local Vancouver small businesses and arrange delivery across Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland. There are hundreds, if not thousands, small businesses spread across Vancouver and they are each so unique. Big box stores are easy to shop from because they are everywhere but that's not the case for small businesses. They rely on word of mouth and social boost to get discovered. Based on the conversations we've had with our friends who are not too familiar with what small businesses are there in Vancouver, they just don't know where to look. Who can blame them – Where do you even look if you don't even know what it is you're looking for?

Bridging the Two Worlds

The concept of a marketplace is as old as time and it has been modernized across many industries the past few decades. However, we saw there's a huge gap in the gifting sector. It did not make sense to us. People live all over the world right now and are constantly looking for a way to connect and show their appreciation to one another. Yet, most local gifts you can order online today are just the very traditional FTD flower bouquets or some old-school looking gift baskets. We're here to change that. 

Small businesses are innovative because not only because they have to, but because the people running them are passionate and are often have more ideas than they have the time to do them all. Wanderclose bridges their passion with the people who are looking to express their affections. We built an easy-to-use online marketplace so customers can freely explore and discover local goods without scrolling endlessly on Instagram. On the vendor side, we help to expose them to a wider audience through cross promotions.

Delivering Happiness through Thoughtful Gifts across Vancouver

Since we launched, we have helped hundreds of customers order treats, flowers, gifts for themselves and their loved ones. During the Holidays, we helped families living apart to feel together and to send their love. It truly is a joy to see how much people care about one another and we are so grateful to be part of it. 

This is just the beginning. We have big dreams and we are working hard to make them come true. We thank you for being a part of our journey. You are our inspiration and the reason why Wanderclose exist.

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